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Workplace Community: Discover What Matters

AUTHOR: The Loom Team

These changes are part of a new and improved workspace experience, a.k.a. your Loom HQ. A new intelligent home for all your videos. We’re rolling out access over the coming weeks, so if you don’t see these features yet, hold tight! Learn more.

Discover looms from around your organization with Home (beta)

We’re excited to introduce Home (beta), a page of looms personalized for you. See what’s new from people and tags you follow, what’s trending in your organization, and newly posted looms.

Home aims to help you stay in the loop and feel connected with your coworkers – without digging for information, relying on video conferencing, or being in an office.

Learn more.


Navigate to all the videos a teammate has posted with Profiles

Profiles aggregate all the videos a person has “posted” to the organization. It’s a great way to showcase your work, or to find looms created by a specific individual. You can also follow profiles. Videos by profiles you follow will appear on your Home page.


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