The Loom Team
New Feature

Unlock more revenue with new features for Sales and customer-facing teams

AUTHOR: The Loom Team

Today, we released three highly-requested features that help Sales teams drive more pipeline, accelerate deal velocity, and streamline onboarding.

Available on the Enterprise plan:

  • Request Email to View: Ask anonymous viewers to provide an email to play your video, putting you in the know every time. Try it out.

  • New Salesforce Integration (Beta): Auto-track Loom engagement data like views, comments, reactions all within Salesforce. Pinpoint highly engaged customers and top performing content to optimize your outreach. Get started.

Try it free for a limited time on Business and Enterprise plans:

  • Variables (Beta): Record once and Loom will duplicate your video with a personalized title for each viewer. Custom titles are more eye-catching and boost views on your videos! Learn more.

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