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New Feature Announcement

Introducing Loom AI Suite

AUTHOR: The Loom Team

Today, Loom AI Suite — including Auto-Titles, Auto-Summaries, Auto-Chapters, Auto-Tasks, Filler Word and Silence Removal — became available to purchase with any paid plan.

More engaging, more polished videos — with no work. Really. Record a video as you normally would. Then the magic happens.

  • Auto-Titles: AI generates a custom title for your Loom based on the content of your transcript.

  • Auto-Summaries: AI generates a summary of the Loom in the description. You can also copy/paste this into an email or instant message for added context when sharing.

  • Auto-Chapters: AI automatically identifies the important topics covered in your Loom, and then names and timestamps chapters accordingly.

  • Auto-Tasks: AI identifies the action items and tasks you discuss in your Loom, suggesting action items for your viewers to respond to when they’re done viewing.

  • Filler Word & Silence Removal: AI improves Loom’s ability to identify and remove filler words (um, uh, ah). It also trims out long pauses for a more concise, polished viewing experience.

  • And there’s more to come!

Learn more about Loom AI.

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