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Introducing Auto Titles and Summaries in Beta

AUTHOR: The Loom Team

Today we launched two new Loom AI features into limited beta - Auto Titles and Summaries. These are free to use for a limited time, beginning with Starter and Business plan customers.

Ready to use Loom - with AI?

It's simple, really. Just keep doing what you're used to doing.

Record a video, then the rest magically writes itself. We'll automatically generate a title and summary based on the transcript of your Loom.

See Auto Titles in action

See Auto Summaries in action

Titles and Summaries actually make an impact

Videos without titles or summaries receive fewer views, comments, and emoji reactions. And guess what? A majority of looms don't have either. We're here to fix that.

Save your brainpower and energy for what you do best. Let Loom AI put the finishing touches on your video, and get more views and engagement. More value for you without any extra effort.

Auto Titles and Summaries are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more Loom AI features coming soon!

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