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AUTHOR: The Loom Team

You love how easy it is to share your Looms. Now, sharing is even better!
Today, we are announcing new sharing features allowing you to directly share videos from within Loom, control access to your videos, and view Looms in a new “Shared With Me" library.

  • Directly share Loom via email: Now, add a message and send an email right from the video share page.

  • Control access to your video: Granular view/edit permissions for each individual or group right from the new share modal.

  • Keep track of videos that are shared with you: Stay on top of all the videos your teammates need you to watch with the new, “Shared with Me" library.

  • Be confident that your message won't be missed: Notifications let teammates know they have a new video to watch with improved video organization in libraries too.

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